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3 Ways to Use Reverse Split Tunneling for ProtonVPN on Linux

Image generated by StableDiffusionXL TL;DR: Use protonvpn-cli-community, proton-privoxy to enjoy ProtonVPN’s reverse split tunneling feature. Or use vopono for having a dedicated browser routing through VPN. Introduction I only need to use VPN when connecting to api.openai.com. For all other traffic I don’t want to route through the VPN. Turned out it’s a feature called reverse split tunneling. I use ProtonVPN. I’ll introduction 3 ways here: protonvpn-cli-community, proton-privoxy and vopono....

October 23, 2023 · 3 min

The Definitive Guide To qmk Compiling And Flashing chocofi With Sea Picro (rp2040)

I recently bought a chocofi and it took me days to figure out how to compile and flash my keymaps to it. Introduction Spec chocofi: low profile 36 keys split keyboard Controller: Sea Picro (USB-C, RP2040, 16MB, Black - no display) This Flashing Controllers is a very good introduction. With our controller being Sea Picro, we can’t just use qmk commands such as qmk compile -kb chocofi -km default, because it compiles to a hex file....

September 9, 2023 · 3 min

kanata: qmk for Your Laptop Keyboard When Your qmk Keyboard is Not Around

TL;DR: Use kanata when your qmk keyboard is not around. Introduction I have a qmk keyboard bought from keebio (note: highly recommend!): However, sometimes I’m on the go, and I’m forced to use my laptop keyboard. After being spoiled by qmk’s insane customizability, I couldn’t go back to a regular keyboard. I found kanata and kmonad and they could simulate most of my qmk experience. Why kanata over kmonad? The exact reason Why I built and use kanata....

May 9, 2023 · 2 min

plocate: Not a Drop-in Replacement If You're Using btfrs

TL;DR: if you want to use plocate while your filesystem is btrfs, do the following: edit /etc/updatedb.conf: replace PRUNE_BIND_MOUNTS = "yes" with PRUNE_BIND_MOUNTS = "no" save the file update the db with sudo updatedb test again with $ locate home to see any outputs from home directory Introduction plocate is supposed to be a much faster drop-in replacement for mlocate, but I had a lot of troble getting it to work....

May 9, 2023 · 1 min

Todoman+tasks+Nextcloud: Ditch Your Proprietary TODO apps like Todoist

TL;DR: Todoman + vdirsyncer + tasks + Nextcloud to sync across your Linux desktop and Android devices. Introduction Why switched away fro Todoist? Proprietary I want a command-line tool The above solution does take some time to set up. But it’s mostly set-and-forget. Tools Todoman: command-line TODO manager vdirsyncer: synchronizes TODOs between devices using Nextcloud autovdirsyncer: monitors our TODO collections and upload automatically when there are changes tasks: Android client so that we can use our TODO on the go Nextcloud: server that glues everything together Getting Started Install the packages pacman -Syu todoman vdirsyncer autovdirsyncer Note: the binary for todoman is just todo....

May 9, 2023 · 1 min