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hop.nvim: 2-character bidirectional jump for the current line (like leap.nvim)

TL;DR Use hop.nvim for leap.nvim-like bidirectional jumps but only for the current line. Introduction The search is finally over. I can have leap.nvim-like jump for the current line. Little did I know, hop.nvim is the plugin that does exactly what I want. Features Bidirectional jump. It means that regardless of the cursor location, I can jump to anywhere in the current line (leap.nvim default). I no longer need to remember to use f to jump forward and F to jump backwards....

July 14, 2024 · 2 min

The Comprehensive Guide to Typing Cangjie (倉頡三代) on Linux Using fcitx5 and rime

TL;DR Install the packages pacman -Syu fcitx5-im fcitx5-rime Copy cangjie-system/rime-cangjie-integrated to fcitx5’s location: git clone https://github.com/cangjie-system/rime-cangjie-integrated ~/.local/share/fcitx5/rime/rime-cangjie-integrated cp ~/.local/share/fcitx5/rime/rime-cangjie-integrated/*.yaml ~/.local/share/fcitx5/rime/ Create the following file: touch ~/.local/share/fcitx5/rime/default.custom.yaml Add the following to default.custom.yaml to tell fcitx5 to use cangjie: patch: schema_list: - schema: cangjie Set the following environment variables via /etc/environment: QT_IM_MODULE=fcitx QT_IM_MODULES="wayland;fcitx" XMODIFIERS="@im=fcitx" Log out and then log in Click Deploy in rime Press Ctrl+Space and you should be able to type Cangjie 3rd gen!...

May 20, 2024 · 3 min

Step-by-Step Guide: Installing NixOS on VirtualBox for librephoenix's NixOS Config

Image generated by DALL-E-3 TL;DR Download the Minimal ISO image and follow the Manual Installation to install librephoenix-nixos-config. I can’t stress this enough: DO NOT use any graphical ISO images like GNOME or Plasma Desktop! Use the Minimal ISO image not because we’re trying to be cool but because we want to make it work. Introduction If you think it’s as straightforward as installing Ubuntu, you’re in for a big surprise....

March 10, 2024 · 6 min

3 Ways to Use Reverse Split Tunneling for ProtonVPN on Linux

Image generated by StableDiffusionXL TL;DR Reverse split tunneling: ProtonVPN with WireGuard <– what I current use proton-privoxy <– what I used but broke one day forked protonvpn-cli-community Bonus: A dedicated app like browser/terminal routing through VPN: vopono Introduction I use ProtonVPN when connecting to api.openai.com. For all other traffic, I don’t want need a VPN. Turned out it’s a feature called reverse split tunneling. This feature is only available on Windows and Android (ref), and not supported for the official Linux CLI (ref)....

October 23, 2023 · 4 min

The Definitive Guide To qmk Compiling And Flashing chocofi With Sea Picro (rp2040)

I recently bought a chocofi and it took me days to figure out how to compile and flash my keymaps to it. Introduction Spec chocofi: low profile 36 keys split keyboard Controller: Sea Picro (USB-C, RP2040, 16MB, Black - no display) This Flashing Controllers is a very good introduction. With our controller being Sea Picro, we can’t just use qmk commands such as qmk compile -kb chocofi -km default, because it compiles to a hex file....

September 9, 2023 · 3 min