TL;DR: Use lazygit for an amazing git workflow. Introduction video by DevOnDuty.


Command line tools are very powerful, but nobody likes typing the same commands over and over again (source):


I used to search git syntax and flags on stackoverflow. Now I just open lazygit and press ? for a context-based help menu:


My ~/.config/lazygit/config.yml:

    colorArg: always
    pager: delta --dark --paging=never
  editCommand: "nvim" # see 'Configuring File Editing' section

Integration Tips

1. Neovim

I use the plugin lazygit.nvim and have the following line in legendary.nvim:

{ "<C-g>", "<cmd>LazyGit<CR>", description = "Lazygit" }

So that I can spawn lazygit inside Neovim with a simple <C-g> keybinding.

2. zsh

I have the following in ~/.zshrc:

lazygit_func () {
    eval 'lazygit'
zle -N lazygit_func
bindkey '^g' lazygit_func

So that I can open lazygit with the same <C-g> keybinding in terminal.

3. ranger

I have the following in ~/.config/ranger/rc.conf:

unmap <C-g>
map <C-g> shell lazygit

That’s right. I can also spawn lazygit in ranger.

Honorable Mentions

gitui: similar to lazygit but written in Rust.

tig text-mode interface in terminal.


With all the integration (neovim, terminal, ranger), there’s no more excuses NOT to commit early and often.