Use leap.nvim to jump to anywhere in the window with fewer than 4 keystrokes.


Jumping order: AddWatchFlags (line 11) -> IntoApp (line 5) -> unix (line 17) -> InputDevice (line 8)


leap.nvim is the next-gen motion plugin. I used vim-sneak and easymotion but leap.nvim is next-level smoothiness and intuitiveness.

Vim/Neovim makes me wonder how I edited code with vscode before.

leap.nvim makes me wonder why I spammed JJwww and kkkkbbb to move around the window.

Getting Started

  1. Install with [packer.nvim](
use {
    config = function() require("leap").set_default_keymaps() end
  1. Open any file, look at the word you want to jump to, e.g, hello, and press she

  2. You’re already there


The README is well-written and detailed. Also, check out my nvim-config/leap.lua if you’re interested.