I think Wayland is ready for daily use if you don’t have a machine with Nvidia.


I switched from Windows to Linux on 2021-10-06, so my Linux experience is < 1 year.

Previous Linux experience

  • WSL
  • VirtualBox with Ubuntu 20.04.4

Linux journey

Manjaro with Gnome Desktop since 2021-10-06:


Manjaro with i3-gap since 2021-10-19:


Switched to Sway since 2022-07-19. Current config:



After watching Brodie’s First Look At Sway WM: Welcome Home “i3”, and given Sway is a drop-in replacement for i3 (I could use my i3 config), I decided to switch to Sway.


I’d NOT use Wayland if I have a machine with Nvidia:

With limitations/caveats it runs, on GNOME and KDE

For all others scenarios, it does NOT work

I’ve been daily driving Sway since 2022-07-20, and I’ve been very satisfied with. All the usual programs work. There’s nothing I miss from X11 except xdotool.

What I did

  1. Download and burn EndeavourOS to a USB
  2. During installation, choose community edition and choose Sway (EndeavourOS-Community-Editions/sway)

Now you have an Arch-based distro with a basic Sway setup.

  1. Visit Useful add ons for sway and Are we Wayland yet? to choose your suite of software.

Most noticeably, I recommend the following:

  1. Enjoy!


I’m never going back to Windows. It’s high time for Sway (Wayland).