Use tridactyl or Surfingkeys for a more thorough Vim browser experience than Vimium. Introduction video by Brodie. I’m currently using tridactyl.


I used Vimium for many years but tridactyl and Surfingkeys are another level. Their number of features and level of customization are much more than what Vimium can offer.

Tips for Tridactyl

1. Look at Exemplar .tridactylrc files from tridactyl/wiki to get started

Tips for Surfingkeys

1. Turn on Advanced mode


My suggest is that don’t bother with the Key mappings shown because this table is missing a lot of keymaps. If you’re interested: my config

2. Regain focus from address bar

If you’re on a Chromium-based browser: refer to this guide.

If you’re on Firefox: refer to @rsslldnphy’s comment:

I created a bookmark with a location of javascript:() and a keyword of j - and it works.



If I were not using Firefox, I’d consider qutebrowser or Vieb. If you’re using Vimium, give tridactyl or Surfingkeys a try and I’m sure you’ll love it.